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Mama Love 2019

As a kid one of my all time favorite hobbies was wrapping myself in a blanket and tucking myself into a little spot behind the sofa where I would sit for hours with a stack of old family photo albums reliving all the happy moments and memories. Maybe it's that nostalgia that makes me love [...]

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Connection – Family Mini

There is no WIFI in the forest but I promise you will find a better connection. How great are these longer days?!  Having daylight left after dinner to take the kids out to run around in the woods before bed? Awesome.  Yeah? I had way too much fun with this rad little fam ripping it [...]

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There's a new movie or series out.  Everyone is talking about it. People who know me well tell me how much I'm going to love it. Yet, I don't watch it.  Almost out of defiance.  The more I hear about it the less inclined I am to watch it.  Why am I that person?!  I [...]

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Big Baby

One thing I realized quick. When your fur baby is this big, your house is already child proof up to 6ft. Katie and Jake of course wanted to include their big baby in all their memories of this next phase of life. Chilling at home with the big lug seemed like the perfect way to [...]

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