This winter I had no plans of doing any outdoor sessions.  When you’re relying on WEsT coast weather it means a whole lot of re-scheduling your already re-scheduled dates from October till March, maybe even June.  This year of course has been RIDICULOUS weather wise!  So, as I’ve done many times before I hang my head in shame and say I was wrong and do exactly what I thought I wouldn’t do.

I was SO glad to hear from Mandoline about doing a family session.  We did some maternity photos together last summer.  She and Jeremy were kind enough to oblige me in a little concept session I had wanted to do in the Chief boulders.  Have a peek at their ‘Pregnancy Rocks’ session here!  They’re always such a pleasure to hang out with.  (FYI nurses & teachers are a wealth of information & the people you REALLY should get to know in your community!)  And Jeremy bravely took his jacket off for some shots despite the fact it was hovering around freezing…sorry Jeremy, it clashed with your ladies outfits!

squamish family photographer grinning weasel (2) squamish family photographer grinning weasel squamish whistler family photographer grinning weasel