How do you want to be photographed?

Not an easy question to answer…. for most.

Dawn answered without hesitation,

I want to see the love.  Just where we are right now, and the love.”

And that’s just how she is.

  LOVE without hesitation.

squamish-photographer-familyfamily-photographer-squamishsquamish-photographer-kids-familyfamily-photographer-whistlerportrait-family-outdoor-squamishlove-family-kids-motherhood-whistlerchild-photographer-squamish When you photograph as many people as I do you can see those lazerbeams of happiness from a mile away and my trigger finger starts to twitch.

I have wanted to get Dawn in front of my camera for a long time and was so happy to finally have the opportunity.
If you’re ready for some big life changes, or maybe like me, too often content in your comfy place, go check her out.

I promise, the second you do the universe will start conspiring to make the most amazing things happen!


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Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.