It ain’t all rainbows and sunshine.

family-photos-perfection“You must be very patient.”
I’ve heard that a lot in my life.

Prior to my career as a photographer I spent over a decade working in group homes supporting adults who needed help with everyday life.  In there I packed in another couple of years as an Educational Assistant at the BC School for the Deaf.

“You must be very patient.”        I heard it daily.

I was never one to be satisfied with having just ONE job so during most of that time I was also working as a licensed hair stylist.  ……where nobody suggested that I must be very patient.

Let me assure you, kids being kids and waiting hours for fussy newborns to settle requires nothing more than a dash of calmness in a big ol sea of love for my clients and what I do.

Being asked for the Jennifer Aniston ‘Friends’ haircut for the 3,789th time DOES require patience.

Oh dear, I’ve really dated myself there.

So no, I didn’t need patience.  I got to see your boys be boys, rough and tumble but I also got to see their GIANT soft hearts.

….and I think we all know where they got those from.


squamish-family-photographerfamily-photographer-squamish-fallwhistler-family-photographer-grinning-weaselsmile-keep-smilingGrinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.

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