As I looked around the house trying to find the misplaced remote again, I caught my reflection.

Exhausted.  Scratches on my face.  Some sort of ooze dripping from my shoulder.

It could be anywhere.  Items go missing all the time.

Random cupboard doors were flung open with their contents strewn everywhere.

  Bedtime approaching, my anxiety increased knowing I would be woken abruptly many times through the night by the most anguished cries.

I realized it wasn’t a poltergeist.  Far more terrifying. I have a toddler.

My Beast.  How did we get here so fast?



Paula couldn’t even jump out of the shot fast enough as he attacked the cake with a mixture of glee and gluttony. He may have even growled at her.

first-birthday-cake-smash-duckfamily-baby-photographer-whistler-squamishcake-smash-birthday-squamishbubble-bath-birthday-baby-squamish-photographerThanks to Sweet Jeanie’s Cake Co.  for the beautiful and delicious cake!   And to the lovely Paula Owen of Owen Photography for assisting me on the cake smash!