California dreamin’
On such a winter’s day

Alex and Austin were up for an adventure.  A Canadian adventure that is.
It started with a flight to Seattle and a whirlwind weekend drive to a romantic Air BnB in Squamish and for the final Canadian touch, throw in some dog sledding in Whistler.
Our initial plans changed with the gondola being shut down for high wind warnings, so with our only day left we met up top as a snow storm descended upon us.   It became clear within the first 5 minutes that my first job was going to be to teach these Californian’s how to walk in snow!
I knew the laughs would come easy with these two from the moment I let my first ‘Eh?’ slip.   It was a lovely walk through the woods  (mostly walking…maybe a bit of butt sliding)  hearing all about how they had met, their wonderful time here in Squamish and all their dreams of returning.
And for the final encore – one more laugh on the way down when my touque stuck to the inside of the gondola
like a kid’s tongue to a frozen pole.
How Canadian.


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