Don’t Stop Me Now – Squamish Family Portraits

My 8 year old son has recently been discovering all sorts of classics. The current favorite is 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen. When it comes to portraits I also believe in the classics. It's a delicate balance of discovering what you're envisioning while adding whatever experience I can offer to bring that to life [...]

All Smiles – Squamish Newborn Photographer

 An audible gasp.  We're minutes into the session.  Minutes. She's posed sleeping and giving me some of the biggest smiles I've ever seen. I hear her dad over my shoulder.  Another gasp. "oh.  OH!  Oh my gosh!  I get it." He tells me about his great camera.  About how he didn't understand WHY they would [...]

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Destination – Whistler Family Portraits

Inquires roll in daily through the summer.  A large percentage of them being families visiting Whistler looking for family portraits. However it's not everyday that I get an inquiry that's as intriguing as this. "There are only three of us, but we are a difficult family to photograph.  Not attitude-wise; we just generally look pained [...]

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Shady – Squamish Family Portraits

"I can't believe this is Valleycliffe!! It looks like somewhere far away, but of course it's not and that's what makes them so special." Valleycliffe is known for being dark.  Shady.  'The shadow of the Chief.' It had a reputation back in the day.  You didn't dare go into Valleycliffe unless you wanted your car [...]

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