There's a new movie or series out.  Everyone is talking about it. People who know me well tell me how much I'm going to love it. Yet, I don't watch it.  Almost out of defiance.  The more I hear about it the less inclined I am to watch it.  Why am I that person?!  I [...]

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How Does She

It had been 45 minutes since I started the Instagram post. Hmm.... hashtag - #squamishphotographer. #couplesgoals.  #....? Coming up with a caption already seemed to have sucked all my creative juices. I give up and decide that my time would be better spent replying to emails and editing. How do I do it all?  Truth?  [...]

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California Dreamin’

California dreamin' On such a winter's day Alex and Austin were up for an adventure.  A Canadian adventure that is. It started with a flight to Seattle and a whirlwind weekend drive to a romantic Air BnB in Squamish and for the final Canadian touch, throw in some dog sledding in Whistler. Our initial plans [...]

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