Live. Love. Fight. – Squamish Family Portraits

    Live.  Love.  Fight. If ever there were something to describe Monique this would be it. Monique was the first photographer to ever welcome me with open arms to the local photographic community. I clearly remember her kind face approaching me when I first started out. Not many photographers will do that, for the [...]

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Go With the Flow – Milestone Session

Adding milestone sessions has been one of the most fun ideas I've ever had. That first year is phenomenal.  The growth is exponential. Then add to that a move to the island. They came all the way from Parksville to do Liam's milestone session with the whole family. Mother nature was not on our side [...]

Squamish Family Portrait Session

Squamish Family Portrait Session   Every year it gets cooler.  More families I've seen before come back.  Sometimes annually.   Some I see every couple years. Every time gets better.  Kids get it.  Husbands play along.  (Thank you) Parents worry less about those smile and say cheese shots and forget I'm there a bit and actually [...]

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