Mama Love

Mama Love Sessions I have met a lot of Mamas. Like a kaleidoscope of Mamas! I love hearing the stories. Triumph. Losses. Evolution. Senseless, endless, right down to every last fiber of your being LOVE. Love that some days feels it might break you. We mamas. Self doubting warriors of fiery intuition. You need to [...]

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Family Maternity Portraits – Still Winter Wonderlanding

Family Maternity Portraits Squamish - Still Winter Wonderlanding If I can say one thing about all the snow and the loooooongest winter of my life it's that it's made for some very beautiful backdrops...... .....for those who were willing to brave it. It's always such a pleasure to see families I've photographed before.  It had [...]

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Lazerbeams of Happiness : Episode 4

They pull into the parking lot right on time. It's Thanksgiving day.  My appointment cancels last minute, it's GORGEOUS out.  After MONTHS of steady rain I know it would be insane to waste it.  Their session isn't scheduled for a few weeks.  They're American. I cross my fingers that they don't celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. They're [...]

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