Mama Love 2018

Mama Love Sessions Back by popular demand! These were really some of my favorite sessions last year and made a great gift for Mothers Day! A chance for Mums to push aside all those excuses and finally get in the picture.   Being a mom is hard.  It's dirty. It leaves you hiding in the [...]

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Second Time Around

It's your second time around. Maybe you didn't do maternity portraits with your first, so to be fair. Maybe you did, so you don't need to. I like to think it's not about that. It's where you are right now.  The waiting and wondering a little different this time. The hope they'll get along.  That [...]

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Fleeting There's this rare thing that happens once per year.  It only lasts about 10 days, maybe 2 weeks if we're really lucky. There's a couple prime locations to view these Lupine in their full glory and we local photographers try to make the very most of it every time. Last year the blooming season [...]

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Blank Canvas – Maternity Portraits

"Life is like a canvas. It begins blank, and every day is like another brush stroke. Make your life a masterpiece." Studio sessions are like a blank canvas. A completely different feel than outdoor sessions. In the studio you have complete control. The blank canvas. Light.  Backdrops.  Wardrobe. So inspiring it can be overwhelming. Much [...]

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