How Does She

It had been 45 minutes since I started the Instagram post. Hmm.... hashtag - #squamishphotographer. #couplesgoals.  #....? Coming up with a caption already seemed to have sucked all my creative juices. I give up and decide that my time would be better spent replying to emails and editing. How do I do it all?  Truth?  [...]

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If Only For a Minute

There are a lot of reasons I chose to set my roots in Squamish.  Among the top of the list of those reasons is the sense of community. Not just knowing my neighbors, but taking out their trash when we know they're away.  Inviting the neighbor's kids over for a bit when you know her [...]

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Don’t Stop Me Now – Squamish Family Portraits

My 8 year old son has recently been discovering all sorts of classics. The current favorite is 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen. When it comes to portraits I also believe in the classics. It's a delicate balance of discovering what you're envisioning while adding whatever experience I can offer to bring that to life [...]

Seize the Day -Squamish Family Portraits

All the cliches. They grow so fast.  It will be over before you know it.  They change so quickly.  Seize the day. I'm always extra excited when it's the dad that calls to book the session.  If dad is game you know everyone is going to have a good time! This was no exception.  A thoughtful [...]

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Keep Believing – Maternity Portraits Squamish

Maternity portraits when it's your second child aren't really all so much just about your belly, it's a bit of a guest appearance not really the star performer.   I always start your session with a little pre-ramble.  Some tips.  Some tricks.  I give direction as we go, as much as we can with an almost [...]

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