Christmas Mightys!!!
…kinda like Christmas Minis, but not.
This was the second year I’ve tried doing Christmas sessions this way.  A little different than most, I only offer them
to clients who have already come to see me during the year.
Here’s the thing…. I suck at ‘mini sessions’
A number of  years ago I stopped offering them all together but every year around Christmas my clients would ask and I felt bad saying no.
It’s not that I can’t get great photos in a short period of time.  I do… probably too many still.
What I don’t love is the, “LOOK AT ME!   LOOK AT ME!   SMILE!    LOOK AT ME!    NEXT!!!!”
The thing I love about creating portraits is the relationships that unfold, and that doesn’t happen with a timer on.  For sure not with me jumping around like a crazy person shouting and making silly noises.
At least with clients who I’ve had the opportunity to build that relationship with it feels less hasty and maybe a probably  less awkward when I ask dad to call their child’s name so close to the top of my head that I know what kind of toothpaste he used that morning.

My clients from throughout the year are invited to attend these sessions free of charge.
They can then order a small print which includes a matching file they can use to make their own Christmas cards.
Or leave the hard work to me and order cards custom designed and printed on my favorite luxurious velvet paper!
For some, choosing can be more difficult and nothing is more perfect than a little coffee table album to preserve ALL the favorites!

Vienna’s session was a perfect example.  Who’d have thought you could capture SO many adorable expressions in 10 minutes WITH a wardrobe change?!
I think this little coffee table book is going to be quite the amazing keepsake to pull out of the Christmas boxes each year!



Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits!