Not too long ago a few of us Sea to Sky photographers had our annual semi-annual gathering over beverages.   If you ever see such a thing I suggest taking a picture.  It would not only be ironic, but it really is such a rare sight to see 10 local photographers sitting at a table together exchanging stories and ideas.

And that’s where I met Paula here.  pemberton-newborn-photographerWhy on earth am I introducing you to another local photographer who also shoots newborns?

I’m a big believer in energy and intention.  I’ve found in the past that just putting your intention out there to the universe can be very successful.

That and the idea that someone else’s success would somehow diminish mine is complete and utter bullshit.

Paula just recently moved back to Squamish after living in Perth where her business was doing great.  After having met with her and looking through her work I approached her to see if she might be interested in sharing a studio space.  If you’re out of the loop I’ll fill you in on the fact that neither residential or commercial spaces come cheap in Squamish and add to that the fact that I only have use for a studio 3 days per week.  My focus in this phase of my life is my small children, I won’t get this time back.  Running a profitable business is hard enough without killing myself over rent.

5eed08b85042922829f15f69f851feb3So at the risk of looking stupid I’m putting my intention out into the universe.  I hope Paula can re-build her business pronto and we can get this dream happening!

So may I introduce Paula Owen.  She specializes in newborns and boudoir and is now offering head shots.

You can find her website at  



One last thing.