There’s a new movie or series out.  Everyone is talking about it. People who know me well tell me how much I’m going to love it.
Yet, I don’t watch it.  Almost out of defiance.  The more I hear about it the less inclined I am to watch it. 
Why am I that person?!  I believe them.  Sure.  It’s almost as if I don’t want to be disappointed.
My expectation has been set too high and I anticipate the disappointment of the reality.  


Hailey grew up on the island, but her mom grew up in Squamish.  She often talked about what a beautiful place it is and offered to bring her kids to visit her old stomping grounds.  They declined.  Just like that hot new show – everybody is talking about Squamish.  The secret has been out for a while now.  Eventually Hailey gave in and paid her mom’s hometown a visit.  It did not disappoint.
With the logistics of hosting their wedding in Squamish being just a little too much- Scott and Hailey opted to keep their wedding close to home but do their engagement photos in Squamish instead.
Hailey and Scott didn’t disappoint me either!  It’s always such a pleasure to photograph people who are obviously enjoying each other’s company and are willing to play along happily with my shenanigans.    Wishing these two all the best on their wedding day and to many years of laughter and love ahead!

Visiting Squamish?  Get in touch to create some memories to take home with you on your visit!