Maternity portraits.  I LOVE them.
I’ve been so thrilled with how many women have chosen to take advantage of the mini maternity I offer with my newborn sessions.
Over the years I found so many women weren’t sure if they wanted them.
Not sure if they’d like them.  Not sure they liked their new temporary body.  Not sure if they could afford them.

What I’ve learned over the years are that these aren’t for you.
Let’s take a moment to think if you were holding a photo of your mother.  Right now.  Maybe you’ve lost your mom.
Here’s this photo of her.  Glowing.  Beautiful.  Youthful.  And there you are in her belly.
Amazing right?

So here it is.  No risk.  No regrets.  If you hate them don’t buy them.
But I think you’re gonna love them and what a treasure to give your child.

Mini maternity sessions are not timed.  We still have a fun relaxed session.
Instead the final number of images to choose from is more limited than my traditional sessions.
Most women are hoping for a couple AMAZING images, it’s all about quality not quantity here.
I have a collection of beautiful gowns for your use and the collection is always growing.
Your partner and other children are welcome to participate.

I cannot wait to show you how stunning you are!

I was so glad Mel brought along her own mom for some portraits at the newborn session as well.  What a beautiful glowing grandmother!

Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.