Back in my day we all got the standard graduation portraits. Just a side-step from the Sears portrait studio. You’d wear your commencement gown & hat,  sit up all stiff and plaster on that fake smile in front of a fake book-case. Timeless, right?

Well nowadays things have changed & this generation of kids are fortunate enough to get to actually show a bit of personality and have the option of doing a session comparable to a fashion magazine spread.

These types of sessions have really caught on in the US and are starting to gain popularity in Canada as well. With the current generation of ‘selfies’ it seemed like it would be a ton of fun for a photographer like myself. The only problem…where to find some teenagers so I could try it out? Fortunately a friend of mine works with the exchange student program and she set me up with a handful of kids from Germany & Switzerland. They were incredibly polite and kind, which really made things easy on me considering the reality of feeling so old I wasn’t entirely sure what to talk about with teenagers anymore! It was a great introduction to senior portraits for me & I hope to make it a regular thing once I’m done with my maternity leave!

So thanks to my first ‘victim’ Korbi for playing along!   Glad you have enjoyed your time in Squamish & Whistler & I hope you enjoy having these photos to take home with you to remember your time here!

graduation photos squamish photographer grinning weasel

squamish photographer graduation grinning weasel

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