It had been 45 minutes since I started the Instagram post.
Hmm…. hashtag – #squamishphotographer. #couplesgoals.  #….?
Coming up with a caption already seemed to have sucked all my creative juices.
I give up and decide that my time would be better spent replying to emails and editing.

How do I do it all?  Truth?  I don’t!
Meet Christie!  She is the face behind the majority of my social media posts these days.
Life is busy, and despite the illusion of living life with a camera in hand, the reality is most of my time goes to everything but.  Editing and emails are a full time job on their own.  Business development, marketing and social media get whatever scraps of time I have left.
And let’s face it, life is too short to spend 45 minutes trying to come up with hashtags!
For the past few months Christie has been making my life easier by taking all that FB/IG stuff off my plate, polishing it up and serving it with style!

Let’s not forget about Ben!  He has nothing to do with my social media, but he was a champion at playing along and making Christie laugh during our session!  And men who are willing to play along and have a laugh are my VERY favorite!
Ben and Christie were absolutely adorable and we had a lovely walk… in fact I think I got all my steps in that night!
I loved hearing all about how they had met and some of their adventures.  Their love of paddleboarding and biking.
They’ve been making the most of everything Squamish has to offer and it’s obvious there’s no place they’d rather been than in each other’s arms!

Ready to get out and have a laugh with the one you love?  Get in touch!