There are a lot of reasons I chose to set my roots in Squamish.  Among the top of the list of those reasons is the sense of community.
Not just knowing my neighbors, but taking out their trash when we know they’re away.  Inviting the neighbor’s kids over for a bit when you know her husband has been working out of town for 3 days and she’s at her wits end.   Random neighbors showing up with a back-hoe when they see you struggling with a busted water-main.  Seriously, is every street like this?
As I think most mothers will attest, the worst thing we can imagine next to losing our own child is not being there for them as they grow.   So when I first heard Muriel’s story  my heart broke for her.
Last summer a fellow photographer and friend of Muriel’s got in touch to coordinate a day of mini sessions to help out her friend.
Nicole did an incredible job fielding the rush of emails from eager families and coordinating the day and shooting some sessions herself and I got the joy of meeting a few new adorable families and a wee bit of joy in my heart knowing that I was able to contribute in some small way.
It has been really amazing to see the outpouring of support here in Squamish for this family.  From meal trains to back rubs, it’s a testament to just how this community knows to pull it together.
If you’ve yet to have the opportunity to show your support you can head to this gofundme page.

I believe there is also some plans in the works for another portrait event.  I’m not sure if I will have the opportunity to participate, but keep your eyes and ears tuned to social media for details!