When his mama first got to see the photos she began to tear up. “Does everyone cry?”
“I sure love it when they do.” I replied with a smile.
“You are worth absolutely every penny!” she remarked.
“Thanks.  It’s been a LOT of hard work to get here.”newborn-photographer-squamish-whistlerwhistler-photographer-newborn-babybaby-newborn-squamish-whistlersquamish-newborn-photographersquamish-photographer-newborn-baby

Thanks so much to Monique Napier for the kind referral.  I think it is SO important when choosing someone to photograph your new baby in this style to choose someone who has the experience and training to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.   I know newborn portraits look pretty easy, but there is a great deal of practice that goes into creating these types of images.   Babies are so attuned to the energy we give off.  All the best newborn photographers have invested a tremendous amount of time into various courses to gain the skills and confidence needed to earn your baby’s trust to be able to mold them and get all those little details right down to every finger in place.

Thank you for trusting me with him.  Seriously, what a doll!


    Grinning Weasel Photography is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.