Let’s stay up late!
The days are long, but the years are short.

Summer is here!!!  Long days!  Sunshine!  Backyard bbq’s. Beaches,  Lazy river days!  Camping and hiking!
My favorite time of year!
Also a pretty slow time of year for family portraits.

Why IS that?!
Late nights.        Sunset.        The ‘Golden Hour’.   (Insert angelic singing)
In all it’s glory that ‘golden hour’  in the Northern hemisphere is just a bit past bedtime for most of our wee ones.
And THAT my friends is the witching hour!

Believe you me, I know it!
I have two boys and neither of them have been champion sleepers.
I’ve learned a thing or two, and I am ALL for getting kids to bed. ON TIME.
I know I have about a 8 minute window from where I see my 4 year old is ready for bed to where he’s WAAAY overtired and things are about to get out of hand. FAST.
Having two boys, I also feel some extra security due to the fact one of my closest friends is a nurse who’s two doors down and the hospital is less than a minute away from my house.
BUT.     Here’s the thing.
Squamish is one of the wettest inhabited locations Canada.  It rains an average of 178 days per year. It’s pretty amazing right?
We have the most incredible backyard you could ever imagine with scenes for days and gorgeousness….
oh the mountains, and ocean, rivers, flowers, fauna and …. I could go on and on, I just love it here.   Squamish or ‘Squish’ was my dream forever….
…and it rains literally half of the year.
Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!!!
But those days when it doesn’t rain….. oh those days make it SO worth it.
(They happen most frequently in May, July, August and early September, sometimes a few days in October if you’re lucky.
Definitely not  June. “Juneuary” we call it.  In case you were wondering.)
November I receive my highest number of inquires for family portrait sessions.  “Last minute Christmas photo!”   It’s also the WETTEST month of the year!
Your children get fussy after 6:30pm?   Let’s try 3 degrees and raining.
Those Pinterest notions of fall colours and beautiful sunsets in November are not happening.
One fall storm and nary a yellow leaf is left on the 10% of  deciduous trees that inhabit our forest.
Not to say you can’t get a gorgeous day in October or November, but the odds of your scheduled session falling on that day are much slimmer than August for example.

Here’s the thing.
We’re not taking them to the Royal Ballet.
We’re not taking them to a fancy restaurant.
I don’t expect them to sit still.
I have a couple tricks in my bag.  Things TO DO! Play along!
And please for the love of God don’t make them look at me and say cheese.     Please.    Really.    No, it’s unnecessary.

Let’s try this.

Let’s tell them that tonight, of all nights, they get to stay out LATE past their bedtime! Can you FUCKING believe it?!?!
They get to go out with mom and dad and play.
Tell me it isn’t so?!  Can it be?  Won’t there be coyotes and bears?  Possibly?!
We couldn’t be more excited!!!
Let’s cuddle!  Let’s dance!  Let’s look for animals in the clouds!  Smell the flowers!

The days are long.  But the years are short.



 I have tips and tricks to make this all work and I promise.  Oh I PROMISE you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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