motherhood squamish

As a kid one of my all time favorite hobbies was wrapping myself in a blanket and tucking myself into a little spot behind the sofa where I would sit for hours with a stack of old family photo albums reliving all the happy moments and memories.
Maybe it’s that nostalgia that makes me love these sessions so much? There’s nothing more precious than those photos of tiny little me with my mom – looking so young, eyes full of pride and joy, and maybe sometimes exhaustion.  Those images I know will become more of a treasure with each year I get to enjoy this Earth.

No more excuses Mama.  Get in those photos.
Take a deep breath and spend a few minutes reveling in it.  Smell their hair. Tickle their toes. Let them hug you just a little too hard for a little too long.  …maybe till your heart bursts just a little.

A limited number of Mama Love sessions are available for booking now!
Dates range from April 29- June 3
Session includes 3 digital images.  (additional images available for purchase)

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