It’s funny what a photo can bring back. From the macrame plant holders to the shoes my mom was wearing that I later stole in my early 20’s to wear.
She really did give us everything.

I don’t have that many photos of my mom with us as kids. She was always the one taking the pictures.
I may not even be a photographer if she hadn’t handed me her camera.
A rather prized possession back in those days, and quite a cost to develop all those out of focus photos of our family pets and my Care Bears!


There’s so many parts about being a mom that’s hard.  Getting in the picture?
Add it to the list!

Most days I think I’m pretty far from the Facebook comparisons but I think I’m doing a pretty good job in the compassion and kindness department!
I can only hope that some small thing I do one of these days is that thing that helps them find their spark and carves a path that otherwise never might have been.
Above all I hope they grow up to be happy however that looks for them.
And I know they’ll have at least a few photos that include their mom.

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