In the morning, and sometimes in the middle of the night, my son crawls into our bed & I snuggle him for as long as he’ll let me before he begs, “Mommy get up I’m hungee.” Soon there will be a new baby in the house who wakes me up at 5am and I may never have these mornings with him again.

I got him a special baby doll so he could get used to the idea. I honestly thought he’d sit on it, or just totally reject it and go back to his Lego and cars. He has blown me away with his nurturing instincts. He feeds her with her little plastic bottle and sings to her. Carefully carrying her around and giving her snuggles. It is bitter sweet. Knowing he won’t be my baby anymore but looking forward to seeing the bond between him and his new sibling.
baby brother

He likes to pretend he’s talking on the phone to his cool older cousin a lot. I pretend to talk to him too and tell him how good he is at being a big brother and how he’s been feeding the baby. He smiles. I have never seen a look of pride like that in his eyes before.
child photographer grinning weasel squamish whistler

It is the calm before the storm and I am savoring every last moment.
squamish child famiyl photographer grinning weasel