It doesn’t always work out like you ‘plan’ it.  It has it’s own agenda and certainly is nothing like it is in the movies.
My plan as a photographer is always to get your baby in during that ‘ideal 4-12 day old’ stage so we can get as much variety in the poses as possible, but in my experience it’s always MUCH more important that both mom and baby are doing well before we make any attempt at photos.
This sweet little doll was 18 days old at the time of her session and she was just happier when she was all wrapped up snug, so we kept her that way for the majority of the time.
I am often told by the end of the session by parents that I’m incredibly patient.  I think it’s more about listening to your baby and seeing what feels right for them and being flexible to keep them happy.
Here’s a few of my favorites!

newborn-photographer-whistler-squamishbaby-photographer-squamish-familysquamish-newborn-photographerfamily-baby-photographer-squamishfamily-photographer-squamish-newbornsquamish-photographer-newborn-familynewborn-baby-photographer-west-vancouversleeping-baby-squamish-photographer-newbornssmiling-baby-squamish-photographernewborn-baby-photographer-squamishGrinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in Maternity, Newborn and Family portraits.