There’s no bad time of year for family portraits.
That’s usually my first answer.
We live in a beautiful place with a pretty mild climate and there’s really no time of year that isn’t gorgeous.
Each season has it’s own unique traits.
Frosty winter with it’s beautiful low light and incredible early afternoon sunsets.
GREEN spring with it’s lush mossy forests full of furn and Hostas.
Warm summer days in fields of grass and flowers with long late lazy evenings.
And fall of course.  We get little bits of colour in the foliage, but it’s warmth and earlier sunsets are often a favorite.

If given the time to plan ahead my first question is usually to mom.
What do you like to wear?
Are you a cozy sweater and scarf type of person?  Or flowing summer dresses?
Being able to dress in a way that makes you most comfortable and feeling good about yourself is a great starting point!

When it comes to extended family sessions it’s often more a matter of when everyone can be together than their favorite fashion season.
While winter can be a bit chilly for the littles it also offers the advantage of an early afternoon session to still get the most beautiful light of the day.

December always brings multiple inquires daily for big extended family sessions while everyone is together over the holidays.
It’s so fun to watch the family dynamics when it comes to these types of sessions.
The little inside jokes and ways they play off each other.
There was an obvious abundance of love and humor in the time I spent with these guys.
I can only imagine how fun their Christmas dinners must be!

Of course the answer is the best time for family portraits is NOW!
I promise you’ll never look back and regret doing them, but the reverse, regretting not doing them?
Well that happens all too often.


Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, is a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits and fine art prints.
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