We all have our ‘thing’.
Whatever it was in your life that taught you a great skill that has come in handy so many times in your life.
Something you just picked up because you were around it.  Maybe it was sewing? Mechanics? Baking?  …. you just know it because you grew up with it all around you.
For me that thing was sign language.
I would dare say that being born to deaf parents who communicated with sign language was probably the greatest and luckiest thing that’s ever happened to me.
Now, before you start to think that’s a strange or insensitive thing to say, both my parents would agree that they would have never wished for a life different than they had.
Were there struggles and challenges?  Absolutely!  We’ve all had times we wished we were born different, in a different situation!
As most of us do though we can look back as adults and be grateful for the path we’ve had and proud of who we’ve become.
All of my grandparents would also agree, having a deaf child was a profoundly life changing experience that they wouldn’t have given back for anything.
Sign language opened doors for me, even got me jobs.  Jobs I was in NO way otherwise qualified for may I add.
Beyond that though, it’s given me very unique powers of observation, expressiveness and I think the cultural differences have been an asset.


So I was THRILLED when Kristen booked a session for her family!
In all my years, finally a deaf client!  I was excited to give her the full service experience I give all my clients without any communication difficulties.
Weather on the other hand can be it’s own difficulty and after far too much time trying to reschedule for good weather we finally got our day!
Overall it was likely for the best as her youngest Quinten was at a really fun age and not quite yet walking, which can be a bit of an advantage.
It was fun watching her oldest and seeing some of those things that I think are pretty unique to CODA (child of deaf adult).
I did however have to re-think my approach.  Usually with family sessions one of my first instructions is to NOT look at me.
In this case of course that wasn’t going to work too well.

SO glad we finally made that session happen Kristen.
A beautiful day for a beautiful family!

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Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.