2 days ago.

Friday July 24 2015

that phone call.

the one you never want to get.

My husband lost his best friend in an accident that never should have been.

The stages of shock set in.


Lots and lots of tears.

Then I noticed something. The first thing my husband did was go searching for pictures of Jeremy.

From when they were teenagers.

Good times.


The old kind that were printed.


I compose myself.

I have 2 sessions and a consult and I have to keep it together.

The last session is a small one.

“Just the kids.  We don’t want to be in them.”

Inside my head I’m screaming, “You have to.  Please for the love of God get in these photos with your kids!

Thankfully with a little prodding they give in as I struggle to keep from being a big dark rainy downer on their session by telling them exactly why I want them in the photos.

….as I’m seconds away from bursting into tears and telling them that they could die at any second and their kids won’t care if they

dressed right for photos.



I can’t even put into words what a stellar human being Jeremy Tanaka was.

The kind of person you wish to be.

He leaves his beautiful wife Lynette, and four amazing children.

…and a giant hole in all our hearts.