In just a few short weeks my first born starts Kindergarten.

My stomach is churning as I type that.

It’s not him I’m worried about.

When I was a kid people asked me what my childhood was like.

Normal of course.  Whatever a child’s reality is what constitutes normal.

My parents are deaf.  Born deaf.

Otherwise totally normal.  Loud sometimes, but otherwise typical regular folks.

Of course back then adversity was terrifying.  Riding in the back of a pick-up truck? a-okay!

Deaf parents?  Gay parents?  Single parents?  That was still pretty crazy.


It wasn’t until having a child of my own that I got to realizing all the vast differences my parents faced.

Not only would the above photo be more visually horrific to their sensitive eyesight….haha….okay I just had to throw that in there.

Let’s start with car rides.

My youngest has been known to scream to the verge of vomiting for a solid 4 hours in the car.

My parents?  They didn’t have to look in the rear view mirror.  Or generally in our direction.  Who knows if we were even strapped down.

Whining.  That never got me anywhere.  With a mute button that face is just mildly entertaining.

I never bothered sneaking out…. not really much challenge in that.  Besides Mom would smell me when I got home.

But no, aside from all these and many more amazing perks the REAL bonus has just recently hit me.

As I stand on the preface of my children’s school career,

the daily lunches and routine does indeed seem daunting,

but it’s the moms.

The moms that terrify me.

And my mom.  That lucky, lucky lady needed only to smile and wave at all the other moms through all those years.

Perspective.  With a camera or in life.  It’s what you make it.

So. Hello moms.

I’m new here.

Forgive me if I just smile and wave.