Thanks SO much to everyone who participated!  Your words of encouragement have been really overwhelming!
I painstakingly wrote every single name and some multiple times for all your entries and tossed them in a jar for my 1.5yr old to pick from.
  Seeing as he can’t read yet I figured it was a little more fun and just as fair as a computer generated draw.  I might just be finding some of your names in random places around my house for weeks it was THAT fun.



The two $150 gift certificates have been awarded to Lisa Suh

and Jenn Foreman!

The $300 gift certificate goes to Jessica Udell!

If any of those are you please contact me at so I can get your certificate to you!

And for all the people who didn’t win don’t forget you still have a couple weeks to get your 2016 session booked early and receive an 11×14 canvas print included!

Can’t wait to meet you all!