The K Team

It’s easy to lose track of the years.  Is this 5?  6?  They’re starting to blur together.
The boys are a titch older than mine and close in ages too.  They’re a glimpse of what I have to look forward to.
Thankfully this is one of those occasions that it feels more like meeting with old friends because as it would turn out when I arrived to the location it had literally been bulldozed.  I knew it was coming, but I had hoped to squeeze one more fall family season out of this beautiful Squamish spot that I’d just been at a week prior.
With the sun 3 fingers from going over the mountains there wasn’t time to switch locations.  Had they been new clients I think I would have lost all their confidence the moment they stepped out of their car and took a look around.   But in true K-Team form they just rolled with it- between the debris piles and hollers of,  “Just two steps to the right to block out the excavator!”
And with that, another year of #lazerbeamsofhappiness shines through.

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