The Union

“We called off the wedding.”
I was stunned.  I’ve known Xenia since she was 9.
Xenia and Trevor were so adorable together!  The best of friends!
Always on a new adventure and laughing all the way!
Oh no!

“We’ve decided to elope.”
My heart skipped a beat.

When asked I say, “I’m a photographer”
“Oh.  SO weddings and all that?”  with a wink they say.
“I don’t do weddings.”
Then the look of confusion crosses their face.  What does a photographer that doesn’t do weddings do exactly?
“Yeah.  I guess getting that ‘perfect shot’ and all, hey?”
Nope.  That’s not it.
I take wedding photography very seriously.
I hope it’s the biggest investment you make in your wedding and  you choose someone who’s style you not only love, but that you really jive with on a personal level too.
That’s not it.
I’m not a party person.  Directing crowds of people.  Most commonly drunk.  And let’s not forget your crazy aunt Beth!
Sounds like a blast!  Just to make it interesting can we make sure it lasts 12 hours and I don’t get to eat or sit down the whole time okay?
The actual taking photographs part of a wedding I LOVE.  Beautiful couples well dressed and groomed taking direction in beautiful locations?  Of course!
Party time?  Meh.
Only for the fact that I’ve known Xenia and her family for so long that I felt some comfort in knowing exactly what kind of crazy I’d be walking into by saying yes to their wedding.  Figuring I’d be able to muddle my way through on the familiar faces I’d see there.
But when I got the call….
Elopement?  Well I just died and went to heaven.
…ahem, I mean whatever makes you guys happy.
(Yes!  Yes!  Yes! )

It was magical day in Tofino.  I left the smoke of the lower mainland and passed briefly through the sunshine before downward into the mystical fog of the coast.
What a pleasure and an honor it was to witness this beautiful day.
Quietly.  In the forest.  Among crowds of ferns, drunk on salty sea mist and crazy waves.

The union of Xenia and Trevor.

Elopement?  I’m in.
Maternity, newborn and families.  That’s my jam.