Three degrees.  It can mean the difference between a beautiful snowy session or a wet and rainy one.
Or there’s three degrees of separation.
In this case maybe just two.

You wouldn’t think December is such a busy time for family portraits.  Fall is typically known as family portrait season, but I actually get more inquires daily in December than any other time of year.
With so many different holidays falling during the month it’s a great time to take advantage of the whole family being together and Whistler is a popular place to all meet up for the holidays!


While Alisa and I were going over the details of the artwork they were hoping to place in her home she sent me some photos of what their family wall currently looked like.
I immediately recognized her husband Sheldon from back in my climbing days.  Small world!
It was such a treat to see what a dead ringer his son is for him and meet his whole extended family!

It was slippery, cold and a little crazy organizing and coordinating all 10 of them.
Lesser known fact: 9/10 families have an argument before coming to their family session.
Getting your kids ready for school on a Tuesday can be stressful so it shouldn’t be shocking.
You probably didn’t think I know 🙂
Half the fun is just getting everyone to relax, remember you all love each other and roll with the punches.
If it feels like chaos we’re doing alright!

Family sessions are always a bit chaotic, extended families are maybe a little more so and also a lot of fun!
Next time you’re in town with your family get in touch!


Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer serving the entire Sea to Sky corridor.