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Threes and Fours


Three and Four is such a fun and interesting age!  Their little personalities are in full effect.  They couldn’t care less about if you like it or not.
FILLED with imagination and curiosity….and questions!  SO many questions!

This little fam-jam was about to go from a trio to a full family of four with one on the way!  I have a feeling big sister Ella was just getting used to the idea of the baby bump when it actually became a baby, which was not quite as okay.  At least not initially.
I think these little family maternity sessions are SO important!  Such a treasure to have.  That new little being in your life is about to change this whole dynamic you have going on and it’s a pretty neat time to remember!

Everly was a little extra special as she was the first PLANNED Frank Breech birth in Squamish now that we have an OB to call our own!
Affectionately called ‘Taco’.  It’s always fascinating when I first get to hold your baby to see what positions they most naturally and comfortably fall into as my mind races to figure out what poses will work best for them.
I had anticipated her being a little more ‘Taco’ like, but it was really only when her sister kissed her on the head that they popped up just perfectly as if to capture her story!



Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.
Sessions are available outdoors, in your home or in her bright and beautiful downtown Squamish studio!

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