Over the past 6 years I have met a LOT of new moms.

What we wish we knew or did differently before we had children is a common topic of conversation.  What I’ve noticed is it’s pretty much always the same few things.  If you’re currently expecting, or currently trying to conceive here’s what you should know!


I wish I had taken more time for myself.

From more sleep to date nights, massages and pedicures.  A lot of women wish they had taken better care of themselves first so their ‘me cup’ might have been a little more full from the start. Eating better and exercise  during pregnancy all fit into this category as well.  Around seven weeks after your Heaven sent bundle of joy arrives you’ll be fantasizing about your next shower and nap as much as you ever did about winning the lotto.  It’ll be alright.  Slowly but surely you’ll regain your freedom and be wishing you had just a few more of those baby snuggles.


Build your village.

“I wish I had taken a pre-natal yoga class despite the cost and slight inconvenience.  A lot of my other mom friends made mom-to-be friends this way.” 
Really, really great advice.  I’m not personally that into yoga, but I did make a friend at my pre-natal class and knowing just that ONE other mom during those first few lonely new mom months was a lifesaver!  Having a jump start on that when you’re completely overwhelmed with the idea of leaving the house with your tiny new human is HUGE.  There are tons of opportunities to meet other new moms once your baby arrives too, so it’s not too late.  I’ll be honest, there’s going to plenty you don’t click with and children will be the ONLY thing you have in common.  Keep trying, you’ll find some gems in there and those ladies are going to be paramount to your mommy sanity.



I wish I had educated myself more about breastfeeding.

Doesn’t that just happen naturally?  What’s there to know?  Boob. Milk. Mouth. right?
Unfortunately that’s not the case with many women.  It can be incredibly difficult and painful for some, impossible for others.  Never mind the social stigma of formula vs breastmilk, where to nurse? when to nurse? who’s staring at me? is my baby getting enough? is what I’m eating bothering my baby?…..   It’s not something you even really think about much till you’re there.  If you’re pregnant now take some time to educate yourself.  There are some amazing resources out there from lactation consultants to the Le Leche League.   Be open minded and ready to do whatever works best for you and your baby.


I wish I had professional maternity portraits.

Obviously this one is my favorite.  Body image issues are rampant among women.  We hate ourselves on the best of days, and valuing ourselves enough to get professional portraits is HARD.   You have to take my word for it, the cell pic your husband ‘snapped’ of you is not helping you feel better about how you look.

You are growing a human.


Get some good photos.  I promise you you’re not going to look back in 20 years and think your arms looked fat.  Not to mention you’re also going to still have those amazing photos, not all the 101 baby gadgets that you THOUGHT you HAD to HAVE.
Really.  Honestly. Truly.  You’ll thank yourself later.


How about you?  What do you regret or wish you’d done differently?

Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.

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