I clearly remember going out as a kid.  We’d cross Marine Drive in Burnaby and head off ‘into the bush’.  It was an enormous wilderness back then!
We’d hunt down our Christmas tree.  Some Charlie brown looking thing, except 12 feet tall.  We’d snack on Japanese oranges and have a hot chocolate when we got back and complain about our frozen feet.

Of course when my oldest hatched a plan to surprise my husband with the house decorated for Christmas upon his return from a business trip how could I say no?
Off we went for an adventure.  Myself and another mom friend with our 4 boys.  A morning complete with fresh carcasses on the trail, frozen feet and mom with a fever.
Despite that we made it out with our Charlie Brown trees the boys sawed down themselves and feasted on oranges and hot chocolate complete with mouth fulls of whip cream.

Oh but the fun wasn’t over yet.  We’d still have to hunt down the stand with no luck.  Dig out the car and brave the roads to buy a new one.
A few smashed ornaments and maybe some mommy cursing (forgive me I’m still sick with the flu here) and SUCCESS!



    Now we wait….

I’ll be spending a little more quality time with my family these next couple weeks.   It’s been a busy few months and I’ve kind of missed them!
Thanks to everyone who made this year such a great one!