Nobody ever cried when I handed them a disc.
Today I delivered this family’s canvases and it filled me with pride and joy to see mom welling up with tears when she opened the first one.
That didn’t happen when I was a ‘shoot and burn’ photographer.
(‘Shoot and burn’ is a photographer’s term for someone who includes a disc of images with the session at a flat rate if you’re wondering.)
You see, something really incredible happened when I became a full service photographer.  I CARED.
Not that I didn’t before BUT…
Including a disc of the digital files meant never being able to see my clients reactions.  Did they hate them?  Did they love them?  Did they ever PRINT any of them?
I had no idea.  I got no feedback.  Maybe if I was lucky a year later I’d run into them and they’d tell me they printed one or two, or most likely just lost the disc.
Super special.
Now I get to sit with my clients.  See their reactions.  Hear what they love, what they hate.  I get to GROW from their feedback.  My income depends on making SURE they LOVE their photos.
Good enough is not good enough.
And hey, when was the last time Walmart delivered your photos with a bottle of wine?

squamish-family-photographer-fall-grinning-weaselfamily-photographer-whistler-squamishsquamish-photographer-whistler-familyphotographer-squamish-whistler-familyphotographer-family-squamishsquamish-family-photographer-whistler-pembertonphotographer-squamish-family-whistler-newbornmother-child-squamish-family-portraits-fall-grinning-weaselwhistler-family-photographer-grinning-weasel-squamishportrait-photographer-squamish-whistler-grinning-weaselI LOVED LOVED LOVED photographing this family.  The joy you see in these photos is absolutely real and absolutely contagious!

Grinning Weasel is Cheryl Voigt, a Squamish based photographer specializing in maternity, newborn and family portraits.